Stress Test Information You Need To Know

People that have to do cardiac stress test tend to worry. Yet these tests are very short and non-obtrusive. The test is over before you know it, and the only thing you’ll regret is the exercise (especially if you’re out of shape!).

But the brief exercise is an important part of the test because your heart needs to be stressed. How healthy your heart is will only be determined if it is stressed so they can see how it is actually functioning. Cardiac stress tests are the focus of this article. We will bring up both general and specific topics.

Any heart related trouble that your doctor assumes may be there, they want to confirm this before they start treatments of any kind. There are many different ways to do this and the method chosen just depends on the situation. For instance, if a person is with their physician, and they are having a heart attack, a catheter will be used to get a better reading. But the cardiac stress test is used most often if the patient is able to perform the exercises. People can have mild heart conditions, with angina being one of the minor symptoms. More than likely, if your doctor suspects anything is going on, imagery of your heart, arteries and veins will be taken. Once you do a stress test, the results will confirm or deny whether or not you have a heart condition.

A test that uses sound waves to produce an image of your heart is called an echocardiogram or an “echo”. To measure heart activity, people are often asked to run on a treadmill to get the needed results. People used to get EKGs, which imaged the heart using electrodes which were placed near the heart.

The EKG is actually produced by the electrical activity of the heart which is recorded. Combined with an echocardiogram, the doctor can use this information to your benefit. The heart rate of the patient can then be registered using sound waves, using the elevated heart rate due to exercising on the treadmill. Since the images are like videos, a trained doctor needs to interpret the data.

If you feel that you are experiencing cardiovascular disease symptoms, a second opinion might be something you will want to get. This is something people want to do because they are not sure of the one diagnosis. It is important that all of the information about you is accurate, 100% of it to be exact. More than likely, if your cardiologist or physician is thinking in your best interest, they will have you do a second opinion. Typically, litigation proceedings with their patients is not something they want to experience. What usually happens is the second doctor will agree with the first doctor just to take the most conservative position possible. It is in your best interest to repeat the image diagnostic tests or stress test that you took to make sure all of the results are on par. Visit for more information.

Finding out what is wrong with your heart is why you have to do a stress test. They are designed to check out your cardiovascular system and heart at the same time. On the other hand, if you feel the need to get another opinion that’s fine. You will know so much more info once you have a second opinion, so this might be your best option.