How to Stay Healthy With Natural Options

You don’t have to resort to stuffing your body full of chemicals and drugs when you get sick. Sometimes just taking precautions against germs will help you stay well. Obviously sometimes, even if you do everything right, you get sick anyway and without any warning start feeling like the people you see awake all night in the cold and flu medication ads on television.

It is not a good idea to take a bunch of over the counter medication in the hopes of simply sleeping through your cold or flu. Sure it’s tempting but there are better ways to help yourself feel better and to get over your flu. There are plenty of natural options to help people combat cold and flu symptoms. You can find natural health hints by reading further.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the best. Everybody knows they need between six and eight glasses of water each day but you can use water as more than something to quench your thirst. There is more to headache relief than simply taking some aspirin or ibuprofen-water is also a fantastic headache combatant. A lot of people get headaches because they are not properly hydrated. Simply drinking some water can cause that headache to fade. You can use water for more than keeping yourself properly hydrated.

Use Water to Break Fever

A natural way to break a fever is to have the person with the fever sit in a hot tub of water for a little while (while keeping a cool compress on his or her head). The heat of the water in a hot bath will make you start sweating, which is what will help break your fever (and it will relax your muscles as well). Sweating is one of the ways your body regulates its temperature and reduces fevers.

Consume Ginger

For hundreds of years, ginger has been a favorite cure for the common flu. Thankfully ginger is something that most people have on hand-either in their spice cabinets or in some of the hot tea varieties that might be hanging out in the kitchen. If you’re suffering from a cold or the flu adding some ginger to your food and drinks is a good idea. It’s easier for you to heal when you’ve had some ginger. Drinking ginger tea regularly can help your immune system become strong enough to fight off any colds or flues that might try to take hold.

Try Steaming

Steam is very helpful. Instead of spending lots of dollars on sinus medication, take a long hot shower or bath. Steam opens up your sinuses and allows you to breathe and clear out buildup. You will get better rest when your muscles are relaxed-something that the hot water in your bath or shower will help with. If you aren’t up for taking a full shower or bath, inhale some steam from a pot of steaming water by leaning over the face of the pot and putting a towel over your head. The steam is directed toward your face by the sides of the towel which also help keep the water from cooling too quickly. This will help relax your sinuses which will make it easier to clear them out when you blow your nose.

Who says that you drugs are the only answer when you feel sick? Why not choose from the natural health cures that you have filling your kitchen already? You don’t have to waste so much time and energy and money at the pharmacy so why do you continue to do so? Natural health cures are better for you!