Helpful Solutions For Childhood Obesity

The child obesity epidemic has gotten quite a bit of publicity recently. This is a problem every parent should be aware of, whether you child is currently overweight or not. Why are so many kids overweight today? It’s for the same basic reasons as many adults have a problem with their weight. It all boils down to how much a person eats relative to how much physical activity the person gets. So in this regard, it’s important that you as a parent encourage your children develop healthy habits that will keep them from becoming overweight, as noted by the Mayo Clinic.

In general, overweight or obese children tend to be less active. Many kids who have a weight problem also lack self confidence. Moreover, they usually aren’t athletic and they often find themselves the subject of bullying or ridicule by their peers. This can discourage them from participating in the very activities that would make them healthier. Get your child to do less challenging physical activities first to get him or her to build confidence. Try taking your child on 20-minute walks at the park, for instance. Look for a class or activity that will promote exercise but isn’t very competitive and doesn’t require a lot of athletic ability. Some activities that your child might enjoy include hiking, swimming, and biking. It’s important to follow the recommendations of your child’s doctor when it comes to issues regarding weight. A doctor will be able to tell whether your child’s weight gain is normal or not. It’s only natural for children to gain weight. If you wrongly assume that your child needs to lose weight and you decide to put him on her on a restrictive diet, it could affect your child’s growth. Know that children grow at different rates. If your child happens to be gaining some weight, that doesn’t automatically mean that your child has a weight problem. Don’t try to put your child on a diet without consulting a doctor.

For so long, people have thought that milk must be part of a healthy diet. Children especially have always been encouraged to drink milk. Today, there are differing opinions with regards to milk and dairy products. Milk and other milk-based products (e.g., ice cream, cheese) aren’t healthy for overweight or obese kids.

Young children are often encouraged to drink lots of milk, and this habit may stay with them even when it’s not good for them. Chocolate milk isn’t healthy either. Try getting your child to eat healthier milk substitutes such as low-fat yogurt. These yogurts have protein and calcium and less fat and fewer calories. If you’re not entirely convinced that milk should be completely eliminated from your child’s diet, the least you can do is put a limit on how much milk and milk-based products your child consumes.

Childhood obesity may be an epidemic, but it can be treated. There are many things we can do to help children lose weight. One thing you can do as a parent is educate yourself on proper nutrition and health. Encourage fun activities and create an atmosphere where staying active is the norm. Planning a party? Consider party rentals Raleigh to keep your kid moving the entire time in a fun inflatable bounce castle. Work with your child’s doctor if your child has a weight problem. The things we’ve shared here can get you started in helping your child get on the road to good health.