Basin Healthcare Center

Healing Hands. Caring Hearts.

Inpatient Service

We handle our patients with care and inpatients are treated with utmost care and concern.

Out PatientService

People generally fear outpatient services as the attention in most cases is poor. But we are different. We make sure that outpatients receive the same care.

Emergency Service

Emergency cases are taken in immediately with no further delay. The patient or the family members need not have to go through any tiresome process.


The best platform that helps you to fulfill all your medical requirements in no time. Our only motive is to help you stay healthy and happy.


  • I had to go through a severe medical condition and that is when I came to know about BHC. They were able to turn my life upside down and happiness was restored in my life. Thanks to their love and attention.

    Malcolm Reynolds, Captain – The Serenity
  • They provide trustworthy services, and there is absolutely no waiting time when it comes to BHC

    River Tam, Sister – The Serenity

Why Choose Us?

Best Specialists

We have an ensemble of the best specialists in the world and that is the reason why patients are happy and content when the leave our place.

Service with Care

You will get the best of best services here and patients can always feel at home as long as they are here.

Minimal Waiting Time

You need not have to go through a lot of procedural call and we ensure that the wait is minimal here as we realise that every single patient is important and we can’t afford to waste their time.

Our Blog

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Depression takes on a lot of forms and can be often described in unique words. We all possess some idea about that because all people know what it is like to feel depressed if even for a small period. On the other hand, in we are primarily concerned with depression that is an illness and requires professional treatment solutions. One typical experience or feeling the chronically depressed person has is a formidable, or overwhelming, lack…

Best Approaches to Dieting

Eating the right diet is the key to living in good health, and finding the techniques of natural health should be your first choice. There has been enough discussion in the media about this issue. Just because you know the right way to go, whether you are young or old, doesn’t mean that you will do it. Learning the hard way is what many people choose because they don’t want the easy way. There is…

Getting Rid of Acne and Other Problems

Acne is simply a part of your life when you are in your teen years. In spite of how embarrassing having a face full of zits can be, there is some comfort in knowing that everyone else in school is dealing with acne as well. When we grow up we try to convince ourselves that our years of breakouts are over. This is why so many of us are so embarrassed by the occasional breakout…

Stretching For Lower Back Pain

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